I grew up around North, South Carolina. In my early years my Daddy would quit work Thanksgiving Day and train bird dogs for other people mornings and afternoons every day but Sunday. I would be at his heels or at his side most of my free time till he died. We also fished regularly and Daddy told stories. I memorized his stories and his methods. I’m a story teller not a writer. I’ve been telling stories and writing poetry for my own satisfaction all my life. Then my wife decided to try and get some published. We have had a smattering of luck with several periodicals. We have been pretty sporadic about it but we both saw Blue Fish Digest and were impressed. I was FBI one year, Navy-four years, thirty-two years as an Electronic Technician for Southern Bell. I’ve been quail hunter, fox hunter, coon hunter, bass fisherman, and falconer, along with my job and retired from all of it to travel, read and write. I’ve been married to a special lady for forty-seven years and we have two children. My wife does what research I need and the editing.

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