What’s In A Name

Deep in a dime novel I bought for three ninety five,
Wondering if my hero would make it out alive.
A gringo from Texas known only as Tex 
Was chased by bad greasers with a leader named Mex.
My mind ricochets like a rocked rifle round.
Went off on a tangent on thoughts less profound.
If a gringo from west Texas was known as Tex
And a greaser from Mexico answered to Mex
Could my next hero be Min from Minnesota
Or could he sport a handle like Dak from Dakota.
Would dudes from the Dakotas be Sou or Nor
Nod, Sod, Nda or Sda. God what are names for?
To avoid confusion, a man needs a name
Or else to be numbered like sports in a game.
Could number eleven still ride for the brand?
Could sixteen and ten help fifteen take a stand?
Would it all get as dull as the old bunk house folk
Who told jokes so long they just numbered each joke?

What’s In A Name. ___ PKA Advocate  October / November 2013

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